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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Malaysian Flight and Miraculous Statue of Mary! - HOAX!

A video is shared with the description:
Statue of our Lady found beneath the Ocean by Divers looking missing Malaysian Aircraft MH 370  on Social media and on you tube

Malaysia flight searching team found underwater mother Mary Statue. it's a Miracle — at Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka.

This is a HOAX!!! 
This video has nothing to do with the missing Malaysian Aircraft MH 370! No one has found it while searching for the missing MH370 either!
In fact this video is from Philippines, and is up-loaded in 2010 by the Underwater Grotto in Bien Unido, Bohol Philippines
The Mayor Nino Rey Boniel of Bien Unido, Bohol built a grotto under the sea, along the Danajon bank, placing the 14-foot statues of Mother Mary and the child Sto. Nino to discourage fishermen from using illegal and destructive methods in fishing and hopefully remind everyone that the sea and its inhabitants are gifts from God that deserves to be treasured and taken cared of.  The placing of the statue of Mother Mary was undertaken last Sept 8, 2010 while the statue of  St Nino was placed on October 18, 2010 through the help of Seaknights and Boholanon divers. 
You can see more videos and photos here.
The statues before the immersion.

The easy way to fool people is always a religious miracle!!!!

Immersion of a Santo Nino statue ( 4 tons) in an coral garden, at Bien Unido Bohol, Philippines. Depth: 8.7 meters. October 18th, 2010.

Blessing of a Santa Maria statue. Bien Unido, Bohol, Philippines. Depth: 27 meters. October 28th, 2010. 

Underwater Grotto (November 27, 2010)

April 10
മലേഷ്യന്‍ വിമാനം തിരയുന്നതിനിടെ മാതാവിന്റെ കൂറ്റന്‍ പ്രതിമ കണ്ടെത്തി....?

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